Arctic Fox Full-Size Rug


  • Common Name: Arctic Fox
  • Latin Name: Vulpes lagopus
  • Overall Grade: Nice +

   Arctic Fox Full-Size Rug

Description of Taxidermy

This is a fantastic Arctic Fox full-size taxidermy rug. This rug features a layer of light-blue felt around the entire border of the rug, with an additional white layer of felt for added protection. The taxidermy work on the mounted head, hair coloration and hide condition are all fantastic as well, earning our Excellent overall quality rating. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space.

- This item comes with two layers of blue and white felt around the border, for edge protection and display.

- This item is meant to be placed on the floor, though it could also be fastened to the wall (fasteners not included).



  • Nose to Tail:42"

  • Width (Front Feet):20"

  • Width (Back Feet):25"


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