Brown Bear Life-Size Mount


  • Common Name: Brown Bear
  • Latin Name: Ursus arctos
  • Overall Grade: Excellent +

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Brown Bear Life-Size Mount

we have an excellent Alaskan Grizzly Bear taxidermy mount, posed standing on its hind legs. This bear features good hair, a nice hide, and wonderful taxidermy craftsmanship. The custom barnwood base has faux habitat accents which adds to the realism of the mount. This base also comes with casters, making it easy to move around! All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided in the specifications section to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item's featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

- Great for a floor, mezzanine, or entryway.

- Custom habitat base!

- Approx 300# bear.

- Bear only height 69" (5'9").


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