Fighting Pair Whitetail Deer


  • Common Name: Whitetail Deer
  • Latin Name: Odocoileus virginianus
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     Fighting Pair Whitetail Deer


Description of Taxidermy 

We have a phenomenal pair of Whitetail Deer shoulder taxidermy mounts . They are posed turning toward each other in a 'fighting' position with their antlers intertwined. This mount comes with a custom hanger on the back of the mount. All of this, combined with the stunning taxidermy craftsmanship, helps this item earn our Premier™ overall quality rating. All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item's featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

- There is already a hanger attached to the back of this item.

- Unique Mount!



  • Depth:25"

  • Height:28"

  • Width:40"

  • Weight:50 lbs

  • Outside Spread: Left: 19" Right: 15.5"

  • Total Points: Left: 10 Right: 8

  • SCI Rough Score: Left: 130" Right: 115"


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