Grizzly Bear Claw


  • Common Name: grizzly
  • Latin Name: Ursus arctos
  • Overall Grade: Excellent
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                  Grizzly Bear Claw

For sale, we have a great authentic grizzly bear claw, measuring 3 15/16" in length. The claw itself is in excellent shape, with great color and some checking, making it perfect for jewelry. Claw length is included to help ensure this item will fit your intended display method. Don't miss your opportunity to own this amazing piece!

- Each claw comes with a certificate number.

- Great for a display cabinet, table, shelf, or diorama.

- Also can be incorporated into any craft product (jewelry, etc.).



  • Base Circumference (R):

    2 4/16"

  • Outside Curve Length:

    3 15/16"

  • Inside Curve Length:

    3 1/16"


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