Mule Deer


  • Common Name: Mule Deer
  • Latin Name: Odocoileus hemionus
  • Overall Grade: Excellent
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       Mule Deer


We have an excellent Mule Deer taxidermy shoulder mount, posed in a semi-upright position looking slightly to the viewers right. This Mule Deer features a beautiful hide, stunning hair, fantastic taxidermy craftsmanship, and a great set of antlers that earn a gross score of 176". All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided in the specifications section to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item's featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

- This item comes with a hanger already attached to the back.

- It will hang on a single adequately anchored screw.


  • Depth:29"

  • Height:35"

  • Width:25"

  • Weight:12 lbs


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