Peccary Taxidermy Full Rug


  • Common Name: Javelina
  • Latin Name: Pecari tajacu
  • Overall Grade: Nice +

     Peccary Taxidermy Full Rug

Description of Taxidermy 

This is an fantastic full-size Peccary taxidermy rug. It features a flat head, all-natural hooves, and incredibly soft, thick fur. The craftsmanship on the rug is outstanding, and includes a lovely double-layer felt bordering along the edges, earning our Nice Plus overall quality rating.

- If this item is placed on the floor, we recommend light foot traffic (no shoes!), as heavier foot traffic will likely damage or dirty the fur.

- This item may be hung on the wall as well. Hangers not included. Nails or tacks are optional.

About the Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu)

The peccary is a medium-sized pig-like mammal, sharing noticeable characteristics like body shape, small hoof-toed feet and the rounded, snorting snout. The peccary has a coat that actually resembles that of a boar, brown, black and sometimes reddish in color. Peccary are predominantly found in South and Central America, though they have been introduced in the southern United States as well. The peccary is an omnivore, though it prefers to dine on grass, roots, fruit and seeds.


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