Porcupine Life-Size Mount


Common Name: Porcupine
Latin Name: Erethizon dorsatum
Overall Grade: Premier +


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Porcupine Life-Size Mount

we have a magnificent Western Porcupine life-size taxidermy mount, posed climbing up a branch. This Porcupine features the classic sharp quills, unique blonde coloration, phenomenal taxidermy craftsmanship, and is massive! This is one of the biggest Porcupines we have ever seen! If you are looking for a new addition to your cabin, this is the piece for you! This Porcupine has earned our Star™ designation because of the unique blonde coloration and the huge size! All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided in the specifications section to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item's featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

- This item is attached to a wall-hanging branch display.

- The item will hang on a properly anchored drywall screw.

- This Porcupine features unique blonde coloration!


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